Following the RDC Meetings which were held in Daegu at the time of the World Championships, I am forwarding to you the list of courses that the IAAF Member Services Department has tentatively confirmed for 2012/2013 subject to IAAF funding and a final meeting with OAA in October 2011.  Please note that we are still to make a choice between the Strength and Conditioning Seminar and the Chief Youth Academy Coach

Any comments regarding the list of courses would be appreciated along with additional suggestions for 2014 before the courses are forwarded to Member Federations.


1.    CECS II – Lecturers Course

April 2012 – Auckland, New Zealand

Course Funded by Athletics New Zealand and New Zealand Olympic Committee

2.    Educational Camp, Junior Athletes attending World Junior Championships –Barcelona – lecturers  to be confirmed

June-July 2012- Cairns, Australia

This camp will precede the World Junior Championships and will be for athletes and coaches from Oceania Island Federations who have been selected to compete at these championships. The athletes will live, train and compete under the guidance of a management team appointed by the Oceania Athletics Association but will continue to represent their own Federations in the competition.

3.    CECS III – Jumps – lecturer to be confirmed

September 2012 – Gold Coast, Australia

4.    High Level Seminar for Coaches

Strength and Conditioning – lecturer to be confirmed

October 2012

This course is designed to assist National Coaches in specific Strength and Conditioning Methods.


Chief Youth Academy Coach

5.    Women’s Activity – lecturers to be confirmed

27-28 June 2012 – Cairns, Australia

6.    Development Strategy Seminar – Team Management

26   June 2012 – Cairns, Australia

7.    CECSII Refresher Course

8.    TOECS Level 1 Lecturers Course

Course can only be conducted if there is funding available from NOC’s and Member Federations as this is not an IAAF funded course.


1.    Development Strategy Seminar  –lecturer/s to be confirmed

February 2013 – Nadi, Fiji Islands

2.    RWJECS Level II Course – lecturer to be confirmed

March 2013 – Gold Coast, Australia

3.    CECS IV – Sprints / Hurdles – lecturers to be confirmed

May 2013 – Gold Coast, Australia

Previous CECSIII Sprints/Hurdles course held in August 2008.

4.    Schools/Youth Project – lecturer/s to be confirmed

July, 2013 – Gold Coast, Australia

5.    Competition Organisation Seminar – lecturer to be confirmed

September 2013 – Gold Coast, Australia

Previous Competition Organisation Seminar held in November 2008


1.    CECS IV – Middle/Long Distance – lecturers to be confirmed

May 2014  – Gold Coast, Australia

Previous CECSIII Sprints/Hurdles course held in September 2008